The Times They Are A-Changin‘

– how to help professors to adapt the challenges of online teaching and learning

2022 started with rocketing into the new year: I have given a presentation about the Ostfalias approach to online teaching and learning at the International Conference of Sustainability and Globalization at the beginning of January. Here you will find the short summarization.

Most of German Universities are referring to the idea of doing synchronous lecturing in presence. The last two years under pandemic conditions have revealed that there is a huge gap between providing online lectures rapidly adapted from the usual face-to-face classroom situation and performing student centered online lectures aimed at teaching excellence.

Besides the effort to strengthen the university ITC-structures in reaction to the pandemic driven demand for online teaching Ostfalia also endeavored to provide the university staff with didactical and technical knowledge to meet the challenge of online learning excellence and virtual teams in real-time. Thus, the presentation will provide an insight on how didactics and technology are matched for both, the needs of an online-lecturer community with diverse IT expertise and the needs of their students as well.